It’s been almost a year since ps4 launched,many great games have been released for the console but it is hard to say which games you shouldn’t miss,with that being said here is a list of the top 5 games that have been released for the console that are really worth a try.


At  5th place we have Resogun, a fast paced shoot em’ up  where you control a small ship in order to defend the last humans from the aliens that seek to destroy them. This game will test your reflexes the higher you go more aliens will come to attack you. You can choose between three default space ships and see which one suits your play-style or with a recent update you can now design your own ship and share it with others. The game has 5 levels for you to complete but Resogun being an arcade game the real goal is only one: Score as many points as possible and get onto the leaderboards. Resogun has also a co-op mode either for you and a friend to play or play online either way it’s definitely worth your time.


 Assassin’s Creed IV:Black Flag is the latest title of one of the best franchises in the industry.This game simply looks gorgeous on PS4 and it will keep you occupied for a long time. The game is huge,apart from the main questline there’s tons of side activities to do and places to explore,gameplay is great with some new weapons introduced in this title and some new mechanics. When your finally done with the single player campaign and you don’t feel like exploring every single island in the game you can always try the multiplayer, even if it’s not very different from the previous games it still offers a good alternative way to entertain yourself instead of buying a new game.


Diablo 3, one of the newest games on PS4, our favorite dungeon crawler has finally come out in next-gen consoles and I believe it is one of the most interesting titles to pick up. Slash your way through tons of monsters to level up your character and drop loot to make him as tough as possible.With 6 different classes to pick and tons of abilities you wont get bored any time soon since completing the single player campaign doesn’t mean you finished  the game.The best thing to do is replay the game in a higher difficulty to drop better loot and level up your character further in order to compete in online arenas with other people.You don’t have to play alone, the game features up to 4 player co-op for you and your friends to play or even find players online also for the hardcore gamers that want a good challenge you can try the hardcore mode where 1 mistake will end your adventure, if you die that’s it your character will not come back to life he will be deleted and you will have to start again from the beginning. The next gen version of the game features both the main game and the expansion that came out recently.

NUMBER 2: Infamous Second Son

Infamous:Second Son deserves to be in the second place,the game looks stunning the landscape is very well designed and will many times tempt you to run around and explore the city.Gameplay is amazing everyone loves these games where you are completely free to explore around and your super powers make it twice as fun.When it comes to combat you have a variety of ways to deal with your enemies while you progress in the game your arsenal will keep expanding and you get to choose either melee combat or use your abilities to fight from a distance.The downside is that the game is not very long it is considered one of the easiest games to get the platinum trophy but is sure is very fun to play.


Before I move on to number 1 I would like to show some honorable mentions for the list, first up Blacklight:Retribution a first-person shooter that is completely free to play,it features a variety of weapons which you can either rent or buy with points that you gain by playing or with points that you purchase with real money either way the game is really fun and the only
thing needed is a ps plus subscription.Also Warframe a third person shooter which also is completely free. The game takes place in the future and has countless missions for you to do with a variety of objectives and weapons to choose from.


Finally we have reached number 1. I’m sure this won’t come as a surprise to anyone,the title that conquered the first place is of course the PlayStation exclusive that has won over 200 game of the year awards “The Last Of Us”. The survival third person shooter game that everyone loved is the best choice to entertain yourself. The game itself looks gorgeous the graphics are absolutely stunning and the story of the game is very interesting. The gameplay is simple yet not even close to being boring, you have limited ammo so make every shot count,there’s also a variety of upgrades and craft-able items to make the PS4 version also features the dlc that came out earlier this year for the PS3 version.When your all done with the story mode you should try the multiplayer mode and trust me it wont let you down. If you want to live you have to be silent and careful once again ammo is very limited and if they spot you, you are dead. Every weapon featured in the single player mode is also featured in the multiplayer you can also look for materials in order to craft health packs, bombs and other useful items.

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